MMC Security Force.
We are proud to provide the following professional services - Alarm-Force:

DSC Products

MMC Security Force is Guyana’s largest full-service distributorship, dealer, and installer of Burglar Alarm Systems for both commercial and residential locations. Services include system and component sales, installation, repairs, monitoring and response.

 Every system is custom-designed for each location and a one year warranty on parts and labour is contractually included. Some of the features of these Systems include smoke sensors (early fire warning  detection ), which sound an alarm at the location if smoke is detected , and automatically notify the Operations Control centre of MMC Security Force. Panic Buttons also permit our clients to instantly self-activate the entire burglar alarm system in the event of an emergency.

The Company operates and maintains a 24 hour, 7days per week, Operations Control centre, which monitors all Burglar Alarm systems, and dispatches the appropriate response in the event of an emergency.

The Company also has its own constabulary which responds to all emergencies. These highly-mobile and armed units are called Power Patrols

Alert Alarm devices sold and installed by MMC Security Force include:

Master Control Panels

Emergency Panic Buttons

Vibration Sensors


Glass break Detectors

Heat Detectors

Motion Detectors

Smoke detectors


Magnetic Contacts

Backup Batteries



Power supplies


Strobe Lights

Outdoor Photoelectric Beams

  • Warranty: Any part of the installed system which proves to be defective in material or workmanship within one year of the date of completion of installation will be repaired or replaced.

    Price Guaranty: The Company will beat any price for comparable Alert Alarm systems or components, wired or wireless, from any reputable supplier.

    Panic Buttons         MMC Security offers Panic Systems, which permit clients to instantly self-activate the entire system in the event of an emergency. Whether the system is on or off, the panic button automatically notifies the Operations Control centre and activates the siren, if the siren option was selected. The OCC immediately dispatches the closest Power Patrol and makes telephone contact with the premises. The Guyana Police Force is also notified.

    Panic Systems are included in Electronic Alarm-Force or can be purchased separately. These are fixed or wireless systems.

    These systems are most appropriate for Commercial Banks, Payroll Departments, Cambios etc

    Your system will be installed by highly trained,experienced technical staff. Our staff has training in Guyana, Trinidad&Tobago, Puerto Rico and Florida. They are easily recognisable and identifiable and highly mobile allowing them to respond to your technical problems.

  • More on our Technical Division Training

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