The MMC logo, which incorporates a stylized version of the national flag of Guyana, the golden arrowhead, is symbolic of the company’s commitment to national development and security. The management and staff of MMC Security Force, a member of the MMC Group take great pride in making a national contribution, through private sector endeavors.

 MMC Security Force is a privately held company, duly incorporated under the Companies Act of Guyana. This technology-driven company, supported by a highly trained professional constabulary, provides security services to a wide cross-section of commercial and residential clients in Guyana. 

Background: The Company had its genesis in 1995 after a daring and tragic attempted robbery of a related MMC entity, in the jungles of Guyana. After that horrific incident, the owners of the MMC Group of Companies, with the support of the Guyana Police Force, decided to establish the most powerful private security response ever seen in Guyana. From its inception, this security division, which eventually became MMC Security Force, was headed by experienced, former military professionals. The grave danger and difficulty of that early mission, to absolutely deter any further robbery attempt on the mining operations, defined the company’s objective and culture to this day.

From 1997, the Company began offering its highly-mobile and armed Power Patrol services to several clients. Shortly thereafter, a Alarm-Force division was established and eventually a full complement of technology-based security services and products, such as Closed Circuit Television [CCTV] Systems and Electronic Access Control Locks.In 2008 the Sentry Guard Company was established, offering a static guard service. In 2009 Trac-Force, a Global Positioning System (GPS) asset tracking service was launched.

The Company has grown to be highly respected and is now one of the preeminent security service providers in the industry.  Our clients span the entire spectrum of the community from Foreign Diplomatic Missions, Government Departments, large Private Sector Business Enterprises, Commercial Banks and executive residences to small businesses and private residences.  Our white and black Power Patrols vehicles have become a common sight by day and night and our gate signs dot the landscape of Georgetown and adjacent areas on the East Coast and the East Bank of Demerara.

MMC Security Force, a member of the MMC Group of Companies, is also a member of the Guyana Association of Private Security Organizations (GAPSO) and the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI).

MMC Security Force is located in its own large, modern, office complex on the East Coast of Demerara, just 10 minutes from Georgetown. This 30,000 square foot facility was built to accommodate the rapid growth of the company, including its extensive fleet of Power Patrol vehicles, the installation and service departments of the Alert Alarm Division, and the vehicular maintenance and other support departments. The company can be contacted as follows:

Address:   95-99 Commercial Boulevard, Happy Acres, ECD, Georgetown, Guyana.
Phone:      592-220-5416   
Fax:          592-220-6545

Vacancies Exist for Trained Drivers and security personnel. Call us for details
MMC Security Force .
The executives of MMC Security Force are former high ranking officers, each with more than 20 years of military training and experience with the country’s army, the Guyana Defence Force. In establishing the company, management primarily recruited personnel with former police or military experience for the constabulary division. From the inception management strived to provide the most professional security service in Guyana.

Mission Statement

To provide the most cost effective, technology-based security services in Guyana, strongly supported by the most powerful response, from a highly-mobile and armed supernumerary Police Constabulary.

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