MMC Security Force.
We are proud to provide the following professional services:
Digital Security Control (DSC) - Authorised Dealer

DSC Products

a) Digital Security Control ( DSC )  Authorized Dealership  MMC Security Force is the sole authorized dealer for Digital Security Control (DSC) products in Guyana. DSC, a Canadian company, is a leading global manufacturer of Burglar Alarm Systems, and offers a wide range of hybrid (wired & wireless) intrusion and fire systems, access control and CCTV systems. These products are specifically manufactured for the power sources and climatic conditions of Guyana and similar countries, and have been extremely reliable systems for many years. A wide range of system components are stocked by the company.  

b) Medical Insurance    MMC Security Force is a country agent for Amedex Insurance Company, which is one of the largest providers of medical insurance for persons residing in Latin America and the Caribbean. Medical evacuation to the USA and medical treatment in the USA are covered by this insurance.

Amedex insurance benefits include:

  • Worldwide medical coverage
  • Direct payments to hospitals and doctors
  • No age limit on renewals
  • Access to doctors 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Coverage for both hospitals and outpatient services
  • Maternity & Newborn coverage
  • Coverage for cancer treatment
  • Organ transplant coverage

 MMC Security Force personnel can explain how to apply for insurance coverage, who is eligible, when the coverage starts, how the coverage works and the benefits of direct payments.

 c) Consultation on Overseas Medical Services:     MMC Security Force offers a 24-hour medical referral service, which is directed and staffed by physicians in Miami, Florida, USA.  This service is at no charge, and is available for those  clients with Amedex  insurance plans and for uninsured clients who would like self-pay medical treatment in the USA

 d) Air and Ground Ambulance Services   MMC Security Force offers international Air Ambulance services, and is country agent for such international operators. Services include all flight arrangements, passport and visa consultation, bed-to-bed patient transfer arrangements, and companion travel arrangements.

The Company also offers a ground ambulance service. This service is available to our clients free of cost but to the public for a small recovery fee. Our ambulances are equipped with basic life support systems and the crews have been trained to perform at this level by the Guyana Red Cross Society.

When experienced professional help is needed at critical times, MMC Security Force will assist in all arrangements for international or domestic ambulance services.

 e) Arms and Ammunition Dealers:   MMC Security Force is a licensed dealer of firearms and ammunition, and shipments are imported subject to all international regulations. The Company offers consultation services for the proper selection of firearms or ammunition.

f) Security Consultation and Risk Assessment: MMC Security Force offers a professional security-risk evaluation of commercial locations and operations. This type of analysis is also available for residential locations and high profile families. These services are on a case by case basis and are conducted by senior officers of the company.
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