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Trac-Force: A GPS asset tracking service of MMC Security Force; Trac-Force is a cutting-edge GPS asset-tracking system developed for Guyana and beyond. Whether your priority is situational awareness, security, management, communication, or performance enhancement, Trac-Force’s broad functionality delivers comprehensive analytics with real time event management. For more information and a system demonstration call 592-220-5416 to speak with a Trac-Force specialist today.

Confidentiality and System Integrity: Trac-Force is a secure, confidential, web-based, asset-tracking system. Access to Trac-Force’s online maps, and positioning data for personnel or assets, can only be gained by secure password and specific client accounts.

What is GPS? GPS (Global Positioning System) is a satellite navigation system that was developed to determine a precise location almost anywhere on Earth. Trac-Force uses GPS and advanced technology to deliver comprehensive location and status information for your fleet, for land, marine, and air assets.

Applications: Commercial, Government and Private:

A) Commercial applications and industries include:


B) Government
• Joint Services
• Medical Evacuation and Rescue
• Ministries
• Government Agencies
• Diplomatic Missions

C) Private
• Family members
• Automobiles

D) Trac-Force Services include:

Access to online topography maps of 100% of Guyana
GSM and Satellite capabilities for country and territorial coverage
Full service and technical support departments
Equipment sales and service
Client training and seminars
Operations Control Center

E) Trac force Features include:
• State-of-the-art GPS technology
• Internet-Based System
• Track assets in Guyana from any internet-connected computer in the world
• Feature rich map views to locate, track, and manage assets
• Comprehensive Reporting and Data Management
• Extensive real time or historical data for asset tracking
• Geo-Fence tools permit custom boundaries for asset management
• Panic buttons with emergency alarms
• Event management and messaging for unparalleled fleet management
• Stationary asset management and emergency alarm protection
• GSM compatible for cell service areas
• Satellite compatible

F) Equipment, Installation and Service:
• Comprehensive evaluations of asset tracking requirements
• GSM and Satellite equipment imported and distributed by Trac-Force
• Full Service and warranty on equipment

G) Pricing:
• Special Introductory Offers

H) System Requirements:
• Internet connection (DSL preferred)

Getting started: Contact Trac-Force at 220-592-5416 or at to find out more about our GPS asset-tracking service.
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